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Advantages of hiring a personal trainer

If you want to improve your physical condition or want to move to the next level, maybe you are thinking of hiring a personal trainer, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of opting for this form of training that is having more and more success in recent years. You will have a much more personalized treatment, but be prepared for the expense, because it is not a cheap option. Let's see if it makes up for it.

Where to find your personal trainer?

You have many ways to find your coach. There are ads in classified portals, they leave cards at gym receptions or maybe a friend recommends one. But probably the most complete portal to look for is, a platform where you can see the professionals in your area, with the recommendations of the users, the prices they practice per session, and a full profile with photos explaining how they work.

The advantages of hiring a personal trainer

Your personal trainer is a qualified professional. Or at least it should be. That's the first thing you have to find out: that your teacher has the proper training to be able to help others to train. Do not worry, it will usually be the case, but it is always better to make sure. Because precisely, the main advantage of hiring a coach is to have the advice and knowledge of an expert.

You have personalized treatment. The word itself says it: it is a personal trainer. And that means not only that you will devote your attention and your efforts exclusively to helping you train, but that you will also prepare a personalized exercise based on your state, your morphology and your goals. If you want to lose weight, you will design exercises aimed at it. If you think you create muscle mass, more of the same. But it will also adapt the exercises to how you respond. If training does not work for you, or it costs you too much, you can propose alternatives.

You avoid injuries. Another advantage of having a personal trainer waiting for you during the whole session is that you run much less risk of injury. Most of the time, injuries are caused by two factors: poor posture and excess effort. If you do an exercise badly, your coach will correct you, and teach you how to do it correctly. And the routines that he commands you to do will be balanced, without demanding from your organism more than it can handle.

It motivates you Training on your own can lead you to be too permissive with yourself, and not achieve your goals simply because you do not demand enough. Having a personal trainer by your side demands more from you, but it also motivates you. When it costs you to do a type of exercise, it will give you some words of encouragement. If you are a good professional, you will highlight your progress so that you can see that your effort has results and that it is worth continuing.

It does not have to be always by your side. A personal trainer has to be the person who helps you improve, but just as a teacher gives you lessons and then you have to do homework to assimilate the knowledge, your coach will not be by your side every time you play sports. It gives you guidelines, it corrects you bad postures, it values ​​your progress, but it is not always with you. I mention that as an advantage because it has a high impact on the economic cost of hiring a coach. A couple of sessions a week helps you a lot, and it's something that many people can take on, especially if it's for a defined period of time (a month or two). Because the time will come when you have to fly with your own wings, it is an investment.


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